Take Your Photoshop Skill To The Next Level

Take Your Photoshop Skill To The Next Level Hi, thank you for visiting my website. At first please let me introduce myself. My name is Muneem Billah. I am an internet marketer. And I love to learn new things every day to grow my capability. Now I am going to share with you, how you can take your Photoshop skill to the next level.

In this world there have many types of people. But here I am going to discuss about only two type of people. Type one, who love to learn new things and type two, who love to improve their skills. So, think about yourself and then tell me which type of person really you are?

Now if you are not any of these two types then this post is not for you! What? Yes, I am writing this post only for them who want to learn and who want upgrade themself.


How To Take Your Photoshop Skill To The Next Level?


To rise your skill you must have four important things. These are, (1) Interest (2) Temperament (3) Patience (4) Resource.

  1. First of all you must have interest about Photoshop. Because, if you are not interested about it then you can’t learn.
  2. Then you need learning temperament. Because without learning spirit you can’t focus on it.
  3. Third, you need patience. Without patience you can’t survive here. Because you need to watch long term video tutorials or need to read long articles. Because you can’t do anything with shortcut on Photoshop. It’s a step by step process. Just you need to follow.
  4. At last you need resources like as books or ebooks, video tutorials, step by step articles. Or a high skilled teacher who is an expert in Photoshop. And it’s the best way to learn, if you have an teacher. I highly recommend it.

Now I hope you must have first three things? Because now I am going to explain about resources.


Where To Learn Photoshop?


Where to learn Photoshop?Option-1 (Books): First I recommend to you that please visit your nearest book stall to find a good quality book about Photoshop. If you can get one then that should be great news for you. But if you fail to get one then don’t worry! Because there have other option available for you.

Option-2 (eBooks): Actually I don’t recommend it! Why? Because I don’t find any high quality ebook on Photoshop. So, I don’t suggest anyone to purchase an ebook about Photoshop. But you can purchase one (or more) if you want! Because money is yours! So, you can do whatever you want. But please, don’t forget to check the quality of the ebook.

Although there have plenty of FREE ebook on online. But those are only for beginner person. So, if you are beginner then those free ebook can help you to learn the basics about Photoshop. On the other hand, if you want to get free ebooks then you need to be good at search. I mean you need to know that how to find free ebook from online by using search engines like as Google.

Option-3 (Blog, Website and Forums): Now, this is the most popular option to learn more about Photoshop and of course to take your Photoshop skill to the next level. But unfortunately there haven’t any blog or website or Forum, where you can get all the tutorials in one place! You just need to visit one site to another site. Because every site have published only one or few advanced tutorial on Photoshop. So, you can follow this option if you have proper knowledge about Photoshop.

Now the question is how to find these sites? Well, once again you need to be good at search to find those sites!

Now you may have question to ask me that Muneem do you know any website where I can get beginner to advanced level tutorials? Well, I know a website where you can get total 35 professional Photoshop video tutorials. And these videos is not only for beginners but also for advanced level. So you should have check those tutorials. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THOSE VIDEO TUTORIALS.

Option-4 (Videos): I love video tutorials. So, I always highly recommend to everyone about video tutorials. So, if you really want to improve your skill then try to find out video tutorials.


Where To Get Photoshop Video Tutorials?


Where to get video tutorials?You can get lots of video tutorials on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo & Tutsplus. But there have few problem on those websites! What is it? Although you can find videos on YouTube & Dailymotion for free but maximum tutorials are beginners friendly and incomplete! Why? Because every person shere there videos on these two websites, only for their own benifit. So, its hard to find high quality video tutorials on YouTube & Dailymotion. And once again you need to be good at Search.

Now Vimeo & Tutsplus. These two site offers premium membership. So, you need to be premium member to get access to any tutorials on these two websites.

Now, if you are asking me that “is there any source to get advanced video tutorials on Photoshop for FREE or Cheap Rate? Well then, my answer is : YES & NO!

I don’t know any source where you can get advanced videos on Photoshop for FREE. But, I know a source where you can get it with Cheap Rate! Patrick Johnson have a video tutorials package on Photoshop. And he take $27 for his 35 Professional Photoshop Tutorials. So, you can check his tutorials by visiting the link below.



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